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Fall Colors on the North Shore
October 6, 2022

The Fall Colors were peaking across the northern half of the state this week. I took a day off of work and headed to the MN North Shore. I made my way to Oberg Lake, where the colors were o...

Fall Colors on Rabideau Lake
October 3, 2022

Fall colors are really revving up around the area. I headed out late this afternoon to take some images. When I passed by Rabideau Lake, the colors were close to peak. I parked and put the...

Sunrise Over a Country Road
October 1, 2022

Last weekend I went out to photograph an aging barn at sunrise, as the fall colors were starting to pop. The forecast called for no cloud coverage, which I intended to side light the barn. ...

A Touch of Fall Color
September 30, 2022

While hiking to a river, looking for reflections of fall colors popping, this tree caught my attention. The entire tree was pretty much full green, with just a few leaves starting to pop. W...

Split Rock Creek Falls
September 30, 2022

I made my way to the Iron Range this morning, looking for some opportunities to photograph the falls colors as they begin to pop across the northern half of the state. While the colors seeme...

Blue Heron
August 21, 2022

The couple of days were mainly rainy. Though last night's sunset was a welcomed reprieve and an amazing sunset. The rain picked back up overnight. I was hoping on fog to make a more intere...

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