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Starting Over
February 23, 2022

It seems my webhost did an upgrade and something went wrong, so my site was lost. To make matters worse, my backup did not work to bring back everything as I had it built for a long while now. I took the time and recreated the site with a new template. The most unfortunate piece is that I lost all of my old posts, so I am starting over here. My first post on the new layout naturally will be portraits of Val. As we were preparing to go out f...

Spring Trip to the North Shore
March 29, 2022

Each spring, I take a day and head over to the MN North Shore to unwind and knock the dust off of my camera. Yesterday morning I made my way to Split Rock Lighthouse. There was no ice on the lake itself, but there was plenty where the lake had receded and left puddles along the rocky shore. I took advantage of one area along the shore to be the foreground in the image below. This was a series of 3 images merged to capture the full range ...

Pine River Dam
April 10, 2022

Winter keeps holding on into April, but the thaw has been slowly picking up. The weather yesterday was great, so we headed to Crosslake Recreation area in Crosslake, MN. The area hosts a really large campground and park around the Pine River Dam. I took the chance to mount a polarizing filter on and put the new drone up to get an aerial view of the dam.

Canal Park
April 21, 2022

We made our annual spring run to the MN North Shore. Usually, this time of year, we end up with mild weather conditions. While it could have been worse, we did end up with high winds, colder than average temps and one day of on again/off again cold rain. I took one opportunity to get out right as the sunset one evening, and with the darkening clouds as the backdrop, get the following photo of the entry to Duluth Harbor. Exposure wa...

May 15, 2022

Spring has taken full hold in Northern MN, which means we have a chance of seeing orioles as they pass through. We had a pair show up in the yard a few times this afternoon and I was able to capture the image below of one of them

Three Island Lake
May 22, 2022

Spring is feeling really late this year, with many trees yet to fully bud. We even had frost warnings the last few days and highs in the high 40s/low 50s. I decided to take a walk around Three Island Park last night, to see how the foliage was coming along there, and put the drone up for a wider view. The overcast day was starting to see clouds forming to the west in the evening. I took a 180-degree panorama seen below.

Lake Bemidji From the South
May 30, 2022

I went out late last week to get some sunset images on Lake Bemidji. While waiting for the sun to set, I decided to put the drone up and see if I could get an image of Lake Bemidji. While the sunset was a washout, as the clouds coming from the west blocked it later, the image below was a crop from a 180-degree panoramic image. Exposure is 1/60, f/2.8 @ ISO100

Parker's Lake Sunset
June 1, 2022

After a stormy Memorial Day weekend, we finally got some color in the sunset last night, as the clouds broke shortly before it. I went west to find an image, and ultimately decided on Parker's Lake. The sun did not line up where I would have preferred it looking at it from the ground, so I put the drone up to look around. The farmstead across the lake made for a great subject in the foreground, and I just had to wait for the sun to break the ho...

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