It seems my webhost did an upgrade and something went wrong, so my site was lost. To make matters worse, my backup did not work to bring back everything as I had it built for a long while now. I took the time and recreated the site with a new template. The most unfortunate piece is that I lost all of my old posts, so I am starting over here.

My first post on the new layout naturally will be portraits of Val. As we were preparing to go out for dinner, she was trying on outfits and decided to sit for a few shots as she tried different ones. Below are some of my favorites from the impromptu portrait session.

All 3 images were taken using nothing but a south facing window with the sun blasting through on a clear evening. In the first 2 images, that window is camera left, and the light exposing her is actually bounced off of the white bed spread she is laying on in the 3rd image.