I have heard and read several times over the years that one of the hardest things to photograph is a watch. With the overall size, shape, and materials with varying levels and angles of reflection, getting light where you want takes patience and practice. Being the fall color is all but gone, and the cold temperatures are moving in, I decided to take a crack at learning how to do this.

To make it harder on myself, I am working in a small space which really limits my lighting options. All in all, it will be a challenge I am hoping to tackle this winter.

My first attempt is on the newest watch in my collection. An Orient Helios with an open heart. While nothing special as far as a watch photograph may go, I am happy with the results doing this with just 2 LED panels, 1 diffusion panel and random objects used to reflect light where I wanted it.

Exposure was 1/15, f/5.6 @ ISO100. A set of 10 images is various focus settings stacked in post was used to keep the entire face in focus.