I made my way to the Iron Range this morning, looking for some opportunities to photograph the falls colors as they begin to pop across the northern half of the state. While the colors seemed to be pushing closer to the 50% point, it was mainly yellows, little red, and much of them were muted. I kept travelling east and ended up on Highway 61, which runs the length of the North Shore of MN. Since I was close, I decided to stop at the Split Rock Creek trail and make way up to a small set of falls nestled away in the trees not too far off the path.

Below is resulting image.

By the time I made it to the trail and hiked my way in, the sun was well above the horizon. With no clouds in the sky, the exposure was not low enough to get movement in the water on a bare lens. I mounted a 6 stop ND and a polarizing filter. The exposure ended up 30 seconds, f/10 @ ISO200