As we still sit in between the fall colors and start to snow and winter, I keep practicing photography on something different. I have limited working space in the house for doing anything large, so I started practicing taking images of watches. This adventure continues.

Below is an image of my Citizen Nighthawk, a gift from Val many years ago. This is one of, if not, my favorite watches. The dark theme throughout, broken by chrome accents on the hourly index markers and circles on two of the complications, makes for a striking face. I wanted to use a dark background that was textured, so I used black rocks to brace the band of the watch but allow the face to sit above them.

The image was made with 2 LED lights, 2 diffusion panels, 1 silver reflector and 2 black reflector cards. The lights were positioned to graze the rocky background but cast enough light onto the watch. The first attempt at the image was with the plain face but it didn’t pop enough. So, I used a UV light to charge the green lume and took another exposure.

Exposure is 2 seconds, f/8 @ ISO200.