A thick fog engulfed the neighborhood when I woke up before sunrise this morning. Frost was already forming on the trees. The weather had predicted a clear sky, but you couldn’t see it through the fog. I grabbed the camera and headed for some of my nearby favorite locations.

I was at my first location prior to sunrise. The fog was thick and would not burn off for another hour. But I made my way to the edge of the river and was able to capture the image below.

Exposure is 1/80, f/8 @ ISO400.

After taking a few shots in the first location I moved around the lake and tried a few others. I had to pass by the same location on the way home after the fog burned off. I decided to see how the reflection looked without the fog and liked the wider view of the river’s edge. The following image was the result.

Ice was slowly flowing in the river, which was a showing up in the image. I put a 10-stop filter on the lens, forcing a longer shutter which allowed the ice movement to smooth out and not be a distraction.

Exposure is 8 seconds, f/11 @ ISO100.