The extreme cold of winter is in full swing, with temperatures not hitting 0 for a few days. This is forecasted to continue through most of the week. Not being a cold weather guy, I use these days to tinker with indoor shoots. This year, I have turned to photographing watches.

This time it was the Citizen Promaster Diver. The diver has a long history in the world of watches, and most collectors I know have at least one. For this one, the simplicity of the face against the varied and textured case presented an interesting challenge…deciding on a background. I originally thought of incorporating water into the image and plan to do so in the future. In the end, I chose a black rope, wrapped in a circle would give a good, textured background and give the vibe of drops landing in water.

This is a simple 2 light setup, with a large LED panel lighting from the top, and an LED bar from the bottom. The top light is set to a slightly warmer color light than the light from the bottom.

Exposure for this image was 1/40, f/3.2 @ ISO100.